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What our clients say?
VerifyDesk has increased quality of our hires. Their reports are evidence based and their turn around time is very good

by CEO of a large Consulting firm.

We need our verification partner to manage volumes and be able to turn around reports quickly. VerifyDesk is able to do just that!

by VP-Recruitment of a leading BPO.

The verifications are comprehensive and VerifyDesk customer care team is highly responsive. Lastly, the value they deliver through their online portal is complete.

by CEO of a Telecom company.

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VerifyDesk is a Business Support Service from Flink Solutions. An IT enabled background verification service, customers can effectively screen their job applicants and employees for any background credibility issues, by subscribing to VerifyDesk services.
Why do Background Checks?
What to expect from the Service Provider?
ROI from Pre-employment Verification
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